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FLORHAM PARK Infant Jachai Polite Jersey , N.J. (AP) — In the hours that followed the New York Jets‘ announcement last Friday that Adam Gase is their new head coach, many frustrated fans took to social media to voice their displeasure.Some used all 280 characters on Twitter. Some only needed one word and a hashtag.Either way, they weren’t happy.Christopher Johnson and the Jets, however, were thrilled with their decision. And shortly after formally introducing Gase at the team’s facility Monday, Johnson sacked the pointed criticism with overwhelming optimism.“We’ve just had a couple of down years, so I have to earn their trust,” the team’s chairman and CEO said. “I think that they will see this as, if not right now, they’ll see it pretty soon as a great hire.“I’m not trying to win Twitter. I’m trying to win football games.”Hashtag: You’ll see, Jets fans.Gase beat out the likes of Mike McCarthy, Todd Monken and Matt Rhule for the job, less than two weeks after being fired by the Miami Dolphins.“I’m just really convinced that he is the man,” Johnson said.Johnson praised Gase’s work over the years with quarterbacks and offenses Jachai Polite Jersey Draft , and how the Jets’ Sam Darnold — along with the rest of the offense — will benefit greatly from the new coach being here.“To paraphrase Wayne Gretzky,” Johnson said, “he’s coaching to where football is going.”The 40-year-old Gase was the hot assistant just three years ago as the Chicago Bears’ offensive coordinator after directing the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning-led offense to record-setting performances in 2013 and 2014. But a 23-26 record in three seasons with the Dolphins, including a playoff loss, had him out of a job — along with reports of some friction with players.Gase quickly got a second chance, with a former AFC East opponent.“Over three years, you’re going to have mistakes that you make,” Gase said with his wife Jennifer and their three young children sitting a few feet away from the podium. “It can be either a mental note or, really, you start creating that list from year to year. It’s really starting with this first part of the process.”That would be putting together a coaching staff, which is something he has been working on since he was hired.And, Gase will have total control of the hirings — contrary to reports that the Jets were telling candidates they wanted to have final say over assistants.“No, that never happened,” Johnson said. “I completely deny it.”The Jets haven’t made the playoffs since the 2010 season Jachai Polite NFL Jersey , an eight-year drought that feels like a lifetime to some fans. Johnson made it clear he wants to win, and soon.“My expectations for this team under Adam are very high,” Johnson said. “In short, I chose him to win.”That doesn’t mean the owner is putting a playoff mandate on Gase, general manager Mike Maccagnan and the rest of the organization.“Absolutely not,” Johnson said. “I will never do that.”This isn’t like the days of Rex Ryan, who blew into his first news conference in 2009 with bold talk of meeting the president and winning the Super Bowl.Gase’s introduction was a low-key affair with no boasts or promises. In fact the only real buzz came on social media from fans who were mesmerized by the new coach’s intense eyes throughout the news conference.Gase won’t have roster control as he did with the Dolphins, and that’s no issue.“That’s not something I was really interested in,” Gase said. “That’s just kind of how it worked out in Miami…. I knew coming in here it would be a team effort. I can do my part, which is coaching the team.”Many of the fans who were frustrated with the hire have pointed to Gase’s mediocre record in Miami — without the resume of a Super Bowl-winning coach such as McCarthy.“We’re going to look to go better than .500,” Gase said. “We’re going to work to do that. That’s part of this process. Right now, we’re 0-0. … It’s a fresh start for everybody. I think there’s a lot of good pieces in place. I think we’re going to have a lot of opportunities to add to this.”It all starts with Darnold, of course. The No. 3 overall draft pick had an up-and-down rookie season, but finished strong after coming back from a foot injury that sidelined him for three games.The two spoke via FaceTime during the hiring process and hit it off Jachai Polite NFL Draft , and now could be linked together for years to come.“I like his fire,” Gase said of Darnold. “You could see it the way he plays and just when you talk to him, you could see there’s a love for football.”Gase acknowledged he could go without a quarterbacks coach and rather he and the offensive coordinator will work directly with Darnold and the team’s other QBs.“I think the less voices there, the better,” Gase said. “I think there needs to be a direct line of communication with myself or if we bring in just a coordinator.”Gase is also still mulling his options at defensive coordinator, and wouldn’t confirm or deny that Gregg Williams is a leading candidate for the spot. Gase indicated he would focus mainly on the offense and leave the defense primarily to whomever he hires.“I’m pretty sure that everyone is in the same boat that I need to spend my time with the quarterback,” he said.“Whoever we bring here on the defense has to do a great job of making sure that he’s really the head coach of the defense. That’s what we’re looking for.” I don’t have any sympathy for Mike Maccagnan. His firing was overdue. He had four years to try his hand at being the Jets’ general manager, and his record was objectively poor in almost every..." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesGang Green Nation homepageHorizontal - WhiteGang Green Nationa New York Jets communityFollow Gang Green Nation online:Follow Gang Green Nation on TwitterFollow Gang Green Nation on FacebookFollow Gang Green Nation on InstagramLog in or sign upLog InSign UpSite searchSearchSearchGang Green Nation main menuFanpostsFanshotsJetsOddsAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 321 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Jets StoriesScheduleRosterStatsYahoo Jets NewsYahoo Jets Team PageYahoo Jets ReportYahoo Jets Depth ChartYahoo Jets TransactionsYahoo Jets PhotosOdds About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub ✕The Jets are an aimless embarrassmentNew,449commentsEDTI don’t have any sympathy for Mike Maccagnan. His firing was overdue. He had four years to try his hand at being the Jets’ general manager, and his record was objectively poor in almost every category. He didn’t show the big picture vision necessary to build a Super Bowl contender. And there is something poetic about him being pushed out because he lost a power struggle. Just months ago he orchestrated a media campaign designed to make sure Todd Bowles and not he paid the price for the team’s disappointing season.He needed to be relieved of his duties. I am convinced of that.But as they do so frequently, the Jets have somehow managed to bungle things even when they are making an obvious move.Much of the discussion from today’s change will revolve around the timing. I have already seen many comments beginning with, “The timing isn’t ideal, but.” There is no but.The reasons Mike Maccagnan should have been fired in January are only tangentially related to Mike Maccagnan. The end goal was not to simply fire the general manager who was in place. Firing Mike Maccagnan was a means to an end, not an end itself.The end is building a team of competent professionals who work well together and are capable of executing a shared vision. That was the reason for firing Maccagnan in January. This was a chance for a reset. The people in place were not capable of competently executing a vision. It was time to change.Instead the Jets decided to take a half measure. Maccagnan stayed. Todd Bowles went.The day after Bowles’ firing was announced Jachai Polite Buffalo Bills Jersey , team CEO Chris Johnson indicated he would not consider any coach who wanted to take Maccagnan’s power and influence.Maccagnan’s influence meant the Jets could cross any coach with a distinguished resume off their list from the outset. Coaches with good resumes have options, and they can extract more power.Maccagnan’s influence went beyond merely keeping his job, though. Multiple potential matches for the head coaching job reportedly fell apart because the general manager insisted in having a say over the assistants who would be hired. That’s very heavy handed stuff which further whittles down the candidates willing to work for your team.In the end the Jets had to settle for Adam Gase, a coach who had just been fired after a sub-.500 run with a division rival. He was not the team’s first choice, but he was the top choice who would agree to the conditions set out.This was a match that led to questions beyond Gase’s spotty record as a head coach. Gase also had a reputation for being difficult to work with. There was always a chance this thing would combust.How quickly it happened was shocking, however.Maccagnan gave out over $120 million guaranteed in free agency. Then he selected Quinnen Williams with the third overall pick in the NFL Draft.The day after the Jets picked Williams, word started to leak that there was a major conflict within the organization.That brought us to today.I don’t dispute that Maccagnan failed to do his job effectively, but I must reiterate that viewing this only in the lens of whether Mike Maccagnan is employed by the Jets is missing the forest from the trees.There were two very different paths the team could have taken.The first path would have been to fire Maccagnan at the same time as Bowles. That would have allowed for an organizational reset. The Jets could have explored all of the potential options available. With Sam Darnold and a lot of cap space, it could have been a very attractive opening. Big name general manager candidates might have been interested. Big fish coaches with the sway to demand some control might have been interested. Promising up and comers might have been interested. The Jets could have been open to all options and structures and picked the one that worked best for them.Here’s the path the Jets chose.They kept the general manager. His insistence on control chased off coaching candidates, leading the team to make a second rate hire. The general manager was then allowed to spend record amounts in free agency and make the third overall selection in the Draft. Only after he is allowed to do these things, he is thrown out so that the second rate coaching hire can consolidate complete control. Oh, by the way, said second rate coaching hire failed at his previous stop when he was given that type of control.Seriously, think this entire sequence of events through. How does this make any sense? What logical long-term plan is being executed.Let me offer this reminder.The insistence on not giving a coach total control was the primary reason the Jets didn’t end up with somebody better than Gase. Now that they’ve ended up with this type of hire Color Rush Jachai Polite Jersey , they’ve changed their mind and given him total control.Let’s not even get into what a ridiculous liar Adam Gase is.(He said that on Friday.)If a real life business ever ran this way the shutters would have gone up long ago, and you might laugh at the imbecile who made those decisions.Unfortunately, Chris Johnson actually is running the Jets this way.Could the Jets end up hiring a quality GM who works well with Gase and has a successful run? Hey, anything is possible.But would you count on Chris Johnson making the decisions to put together a competent management team?Read that again. This CEO is so incompetent that he assembled a senior management team that couldn’t even coexist until its first training camp together. Now you’re telling me you have confidence in him to make the right moves?The teams that operate in such a backwards way are Washington under Dan Snyder and Cleveland under Jimmy Haslam (before the Browns wised up, stopped operating like that, and hired John Dorsey). There’s a reason these teams have been chronic losers. A lack of long-term thinking along these lines usually means a lack of long-term success.So I won’t join in the, “Better late than never,” talk about firing the general manager.Being on time was really important. Being on time would have allowed the Jets to build something for the future.Being late means that the Jets addressed one problem, but they replaced it with other problems.

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